How to properly treat and care for hair?

Dry hair care

Dry hair often looks inflexible, lifeless, and lacks shine. The main reason why the hair is so dry is because there is a dysfunction of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Other causes can be chemical perms, as well as regular use of hair dryers.

It is best to use shampoos containing wheat, calendula, and sage extracts for dry hair care. Shampoos for dry hair with collagen will make hair combing easier and bring back its vitality. Shampoos based on marine products will give hair shine and plasticity. If you have dry hair, you must use hair balms and masks according to this type of hair.

Head massage is very helpful for dry hair care. In order for the sebaceous glands to produce more of their secretion and thus the hair is not so dry, it would be good to massage the scalp every time before washing the hair. You can also make special compresses with creams designed for dry skin care and containing vitamins A, P, E before washing your hair. You can easily massage such a cream into the scalp, then put on a towel moistened in warm water, or you can safely use a polyethylene bag. You can walk with such a compress for 20-30 minutes. So that the warm towel does not get cold, it can be moistened periodically again in warm water to be comfortable. In the case of very dry hair, compresses with different hair care oils can help. Oils nourish the hair well, revive it and give it shine. By performing these procedures regularly - twice a week for at least six months, you can certainly successfully make your hair healthier and shinier.

Oily hair care

Why does oily hair occur? The main reason is the very active activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp - hyperfunction. These sebaceous glands produce an excessive amount of oil, and as a result, the hair becomes greasy very quickly and looks like it hasn't been washed in a week.

Overactive activity of the sebaceous glands is often due to a person's improper diet, that is, too much fatty, spicy and salty products are used in the diet. Food greatly affects the production of scalp glands.

To reduce the overproduction of sebaceous glands, it is necessary to use special shampoos for oily hair. Such shampoos usually contain birch sap, plant lipids, vitamins D and B, as well as biotin and pantothenic acid. These ingredients very well regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp and reduce the oil level of the hair. In order to regulate the fat metabolism in the scalp and return the normal function of the sebaceous glands, it would be useful to use hair care products based on medicinal plants (nettle, lemon balm, calendula, sage). These herbs improve blood circulation to the scalp and improve hair nutrition and growth. It is preferable to wash oily hair with soft water and after washing rinse with specially prepared slightly acidic water (dissolve 1-1.5 tablespoons of 10% vinegar in one liter of water). This is useful because skin oils often have an alkaline reaction that can be neutralized with a slightly acidic solution of acetic acid and water.

The key to oily hair care is to reduce the overproduction of the scalp's sebaceous glands and restore the skin's pH level. All high-quality shampoos and conditioners for the care of oily hair have this characteristic.

Care of damaged hair

The main causes of damaged hair are mostly related to pathological processes in the hair structure, and the same can be caused by improper hair care and cosmetics, the influence of environmental factors. If the hair structure is damaged, under no circumstances should you wash your hair often (every day) and use a hair dryer (especially hot).

Rehabilitation and treatment of damaged hair requires both external and internal therapy and, of course, time and patience. First of all, it is mandatory to use special vitamin complexes for hair, which contain microelements such as zinc, sulfur, copper (these microelements help the proper formation of full-fledged keratin - the protein included in the composition of hair), it is mandatory to drink vitamins A and E, which normalize the second layer of the skin (dermis ) functions. Vitamin H, or biotin, also plays an important role in the treatment of damaged hair, which actively participates in the metabolic processes of hair follicles, regulates skin fat metabolism and improves the overall appearance of the skin. Very often, this vitamin is included in vitamin complexes against hair loss.

Treatment of any hair pathology (including the case of damaged hair, for example, after long-term and regular hair bleaching or perms) takes a serious time, on average up to 1.5-2 years. You have to put up with it, but with regular use of hair vitamins and balms and medicated hair masks all this time, very good results can be achieved. Of course, this process is individual for each person, someone may need a much shorter period of hair treatment and rehabilitation, someone the other way around.

What vitamin complexes to choose against hair loss?

There are many different vitamin complexes for hair in Latvian pharmacies - usually they are meant to promote the health of nails, skin and hair at the same time. If hair loss is not related to diseases of internal organs, then you can safely use vitamin complexes for hair. It would be ideal, of course, to pass all possible analyzes and get a consultation from a doctor - a hair specialist before starting. But this is an ideal case, which may not even be possible in real life.

Vitamin complexes against hair loss are produced by various pharmaceutical companies - "Merz" dragees, "Perfectil", "Pantogar", "Fitoval" capsules, "Silica Beauty". A very good vitamin complex, which is produced in Latvia, is "Complex for hair, nails and skin with bamboo silicon". It is recommended to drink all these vitamin complexes for at least 3-4 months in the form of a course, after which you can take a short break and resume the use of vitamins.

These preparations contain certain vitamins of group B, iron, selenium, zinc, vitamins A, E and C, yeast.

Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia hair loss and hair are treated by experienced trichologists. A trichologist is a doctor who specializes in hair loss, hair treatment and scalp treatment. Before starting medical therapy, it is essential to find out the cause, because without knowing the cause, the medical therapy may turn out to be ineffective. To understand the cause, the doctor orders blood tests, analyzes scalp scrapings, draws up a trichogram. After establishing the diagnosis during the repeat visit, based on the results of the previous consultation and analysis, the doctor offers a therapeutic course. This includes the use of medications and medicated cosmetics, advice on diet and lifestyle changes, as well as injections into the hairy part of the head. It is mesotherapy consisting of vitamin cocktails and platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP - platelet rich plasma from English).

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