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Hair transplantation and treatment clinic Rubenhair Latvia is a leader in the Baltic States in hair transplantation using the manual FUE method. This is the most advanced method of hair transplantation in the world with visible and safe results.

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    Hair restoration and scalp treatment

    Hair and scalp examinations, hair treatment, hair loss treatment, hair strengthening procedures are performed in the clinic.

    In the hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia performs high-quality hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation with the manual FUE scarless and sutureless method, as well as hair treatment procedures. 

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    In our clinic, hair transplantation of 3,000 grafts using the FUE method is performed in one session, on a part-time day.

    How to choose the right hair transplant surgeon?

    Choosing the right surgeon is always important, regardless of the medical procedure you are having. When it comes to hair transplant, choosing the right hair transplant surgeon and clinic means a great and quality result. 

    What are the best hair loss treatments?

    Are you worried that your hair has started to lose volume? If you are looking for treatment options to stop hair loss, you are not alone. Almost everyone experiences hair loss at some point, especially with age. 

    Hair transplantation with FUE

     If you are one of the many people who suffer from excessive hair loss, hair loss and bleaching, then FUE (Follicle Extraction) could be the perfect solution for you. With this method, each hair follicle is harvested individually in the bald area of the scalp.


    Hair transplantation clinic Rubenhair Latvia is the leading hair treatment and transplantation clinic in Latvia and the Baltic States, which performs high-quality hair and eyebrow transplantation with the manual FUE scarless and sutureless method - hair transplantation with follicle extraction. 


    "Reliable and professional clinic, knowledgeable and responsive medical staff. I highly recommend, you can trust the doctors of this clinic! "

    Elina Kazlauska

    “Great surgeon, nurses and staff. Knowledgeable, professional. Everything goes according to world-known standards and practices. The result is great!"

    Emil Wright

    "I went to the clinic because I wanted to have thicker hair. Thanks to the professional staff and the clinic's products, the hair is currently growing rapidly and has already become thicker."

    Elizabete Kalniņa

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    The clinic employs experienced doctors and specialists who specialize in hair transplantation and hair loss treatment. 

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